Prada Obscura

Prada Obscura is a theme for Prada’s 2017/2018 Fall/Winter collection. The show is advocating for freedom of movement and challenges the world’s current border disputes between land, trade, religion, ideology, and power by juxtaposing conflicting regions as one peaceful landscape. As a camera obscura uses natural light to reflect an image from one side of a wall to another, the visual identity depicts two neighbouring landscapes as if they are the same, equal, and a reflection of one another.

The poster invite can be used to create a camera obscura in one’s bedroom as the cut-out hole in the center acts as an aperture. The visual identity uses x-ray type effects on imagery which are applied to disturb the audience making them feel exposed – much how one feels at a borderline.

The Prada Obscura microsite provides insight into the theme of the show as well as stories about immigrants who have struggled with conflicts regarding borders and stereotyping. The virtual travel experience allows users to “move freely without borders” in an interactive space. The landscapes are distorted and reversed as borders obscure our view of neighboring landscapes.

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